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Brexit Impact on Acquired Rights of British Citizens in the EU-27 and other EU Citizens in UK.

The research paper below was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs and was commissioned, overseen and published by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional affairs. It addresses the impact and consequences of Brexit on the … Continue reading

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Why further delay in tabling the “Votes for Life ” Bill?

June Wayland, a British citizen resident outside the UK now for ten years, has recently commented via this blog on the government’s proposed “Votes for Life” Bill and is suspicious as to why it was delayed until after the EU Referendum.  She … Continue reading

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Exiting the EU: Government’s White Paper vs Expats’ Alternative White Paper

The Connexion, France’s English-Language Newspaper, reported on 2nd February, 2017 that:  “In a ‘White Paper’ on The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union, the government says: “We want to secure the status of EU citizens … Continue reading

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Reminding the British government not to forget the “Votes for Life” legislation!

Reminding the British government not to forget the planned “Votes for Life” legislation, despite the pressures of Brexit, here are the latest comments on our sign-up poll from British expats on why they deserve the right to vote: Richard Bower … Continue reading

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Expat Brits retain interest in UK Politics.

Despite its problems with Brexit, let’s hope the British government presses on with the “Votes for Life” bill to remove the 15-year-limit which deprives British citizens living overseas of their right to vote. Giorgio Greening who was 16 when she … Continue reading

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Brexit: Reciprocal Rights for EU-Resident Expat Brits and UK-Resident EU Citizens.

The current response from the European Commission does not foresee any negotiation of reciprocal agreements protecting the rights of EU citizens already legally resident within the UK, and those for expat Brits similarly living and working within other EU member … Continue reading

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15-Year-Rule badly affects Expat Brits, particularly those impacted by EU Referendum Result.

Let’s hope that the British government is not so diverted by Brexit that its planned  “Votes for Life” bill, which will remove the 15-year-limit on our voting rights, fails to become law within the 5-year term of the current parliament … Continue reading

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The aftermath of the Brexit vote – the verdict from a derided expert

In his last post as Director of LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance, John Van Reenen gives his verdict on the Brexit campaigns, the media, politicians, and being a derided expert. “The referendum was won on a drumbeat of anti-foreigner sentiment. It’s the same … Continue reading

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