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Will you be able to vote in the UK general election in 2015? 


Read below Harry Shindler in the Expat Telegraph taking the voting rights campaign to the European Commission in Brussels on 5th September, 2013 and being received by Commissioner Viviane Reding, Vice-President for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.

This article in the Expat Telegraph of 15th August, 2013 on “Britain’s foreign legion of missing voters” has attracted a lot of positive comments:

Here’s a listing of links to date  (12th June, 2013) to recent press articles covering Harry Shindler’s voting rights campaign:

Read in the Expat Telegraph of 16th January, 2012 – Lord Lexden calls for abolition of “unjust” time limit on expat voting.

View this video link to the 12th January, 2012 debate in the House of Lords on Electoral Registration.  

Fast forward the timer by 42 minutes to listen to Lord Lexden calling for the removal of the 15-year-limit on overseas voting rights, which he views as essentially discriminating against British overseas voters compared with the way other advanced democracies treat their expatriates. Baroness Kennedy of The Helms and then Lord Astor who follow Lord Lexden, also address the ineffectiveness of the postal voting system which, due to the tight timescale, basically disenfranchises overseas voters for every election.

The Algarve Daily News of 30th December, 2011 features an open letter to Lord David Lipsey from Brian Cave  following their expatriate voting rights debate on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 27th December, 2011.

The Expat Weekly Telegraph of 16th December, 2011 reports on the judgement going against James Preston in his case against the British government – Still no voting rights in the UK for British expats.

The Telegraph article of  26th November, 2011 Expats denounce Government over voting rights” , covers the British government’s latest response to  the European Court of Human Rights in the Harry Shindler case.

See the report in the Telegraph of 13th October, 2011 on what MP Mark Harper said  in the Commons Select Committee meeting about changing the 15 year rule for expats.

Read the article in the Spanish expat newspaper Typically Spanish of 12th October, 2011:
An important message to all expatriates from Roger Gale MP.

View this link published today in the Telegraph on how British expats are hoping for support  from the Political & Constitutional Reform Select Committee meeting this Thursday 13th October, 2011.

Anita Rieu-Sicart, editor of  Var Village Voice  has contributed an article 16th August , 2011 for the Telegraph on  why expats should be able to keep their votes.

Visit our British expatriate voting rights website  to see why we should retain the right to vote and what the British government should do about it!

Brian Cave of  Pensioners Debout! Stand Up! in France is campaigning for the rights of British expatriate pensioners and has also contributed an article on expat Brit voting rights in the Algarve Daily News.

Read letters from British expats to the Connexion, France’s English Language Newspaper on why expats deserve more voting rights.

In parallel, with many pensioners voting in our on-line voting rights poll and citing their problems with frozen UK state pensions, The International Consortium of British  Pensioners is campaigning for pension parity.

Return to our Sign Up Poll or read another article below in the


**This month’s issue features an article entitled Votes for Expats – No Taxation without Representation” highlighting the case that UK expats lose their vote after
living elsewhere for 15 years. Now there is a new Campaign to get this undemocratic legislation repealed, supported by several UK MP’s, and a new website  which UK Expats can sign up to, and campaign for support.

This email together with a reprint of the VVV article, as above, is being distributed to over 100 or more expat websites, Clubs, Associations and Anglo media in this region and

Do please circulate this information, and encourage your members, friends, contacts to sign up to the website, and campaign to their MP, and to UK  MP Mark Harper, Minister for Political & Constitutional Reform, as well as to Mme. Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights & Citizenship.

How? Why? Is it necessary for WWII Veteran Harry Shindler to have to resort to taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights, to get his democratic right to vote
restored? As he points out “Universal Suffrage”  is meant to mean just that,  “Universal” not just for some. He has been interviewed by the BBC on his voting rights campaign and has also found time to co-write a book about his experiences.

Vote and support the campaign.

** As well as featuring the many wonderful events taking place all over the Var this month, plus entertaining articles on wine, restaurants, opera, sailing  – VVV’s usual quota of helpful information!!

Anita Rieu-Sicart, Editor – VAR VILLAGE VOICE

3 Responses to More Media Buzz

  1. Richard Mousley says:

    I am very supportive of your objective being disenfranchised myself but there diesnt appear to be much recent lobbying from the links kindly supplied on your site.
    The last attempt to restore our rights failed because of stated security issues over postal voting. This trend now is said to be around 20% of the voting in UK and that, in itself, would increase fraudulent events but this has not stopped that facility for those either preferring the convenience or simply being unable to travel for example.
    Like many other problems associated within the UK from an increase in immigration it cannot be used as the primary reason to repeal the 15 year rule. It is against our human right, morally indefensible and self effacing as many expats have the life experiences to participate in the debates. Even refugees and immigrants receive better treatment after living in UK for just 6 months as I understand.
    It is time to bring a class action in the court of human rights against the government to restore our rights. It needs to start now before the next government leads us out of the EU. None of the candidates has offered to restore these rights so clearly the contending parties are not interested in the expat voters.
    Richard Mousley

  2. Michael Cushing says:

    see my other blogs. ITS SIMPLE :.UN and ECHR definition of Citizen and right to representation = LOSS of right to representation = LOSS OF IDENTITY . As UK EXPAT Citizen ( Under 15 year rule ) and UK EXILE Citizen ( over 15 year rule ) one has commited an offence to the Westminster Establishment . I applied and was REFUSED the right to be included in the voting roll at my last Electoral Reg. office . ALL UK citizens EXPATS / EXILES SHOULD APPLY TO VOTE – that way the Electoral Commision. will have the true facts re overseas voters not presumed convenient answers when asked by the Westminster Establishment . .ITS SIMPLE : What is the difference between a Government deciding to send its troops against its citizens and a Government that discusses / decides over decades ( = all UK political parties ) to DISENFRANCHISE ITS CITIZENS .- effectively you make them disappear !

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