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The Brexit Problem for a British Expatriate & Ex-Serviceman

This comment recently posted on our sign-up poll , sums up the impact of the 15-year-rule  on a British expatriate & ex-serviceman, particularly the Brexit consequences of  the EU referendum in which he had no say but has to live with the … Continue reading

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Worst feature of EU Referendum for British Expat!

Extracted from an article “The EU Referendum Decision” by Robin Baker, a British expat living in Paris: “However for me, and I must confess that as an expatriate I am biased in this respect, the worst feature of the referendum … Continue reading

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British Government Commitment on Expats’ “Vote for Life”.

Published today in The Telegraph (Thursday 6th October, 2016): “The Government is to announce on Friday that it will scrap the 15-year limit after which more than three million Britons living overseas lose their right to vote.” “Following the British … Continue reading

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