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British Overseas Elector – How to Set Up an Absent Vote

One you’ve registered as an overseas voter on , you will still need to set up an absent vote to be able to vote in the UK Parliamentary elections on 7th May, 2015. Links to the the required application forms … Continue reading

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Major 2015 Election Issues Should Concern British Expats?

The negative reactions on this Survive France Network link, give a good indication of the resistance of some British expatriates at least in France to registering to vote in UK national elections , even though it is now possible to conveniently register on-line … Continue reading

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Overseas Voters: Electoral Commission’s Public Awareness Plan

The Electoral Commission has reported to the Parliamentary Parties Panel (PPP) on 20th November, 2013 the results of a consultation into boosting the registration of overseas electors. As a potential overseas voter (not disqualified by the 15-year-rule), shouldn’t you make … Continue reading

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IER Difficulties Mean British Expats Should Proactively Register to Vote.

Given the difficulties below in identifying individual voters resident in the UK, the challenge is even greater for the Electoral Commission  which is charged with canvassing and encouraging up to some 3 million British citizens (out of the estimated 5 – 6 million living … Continue reading

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