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New Petition on Right to Vote for all British Citizens Abroad

Here’s a new petition worth signing on behalf of all us British citizens resident abroad,  without the right to vote. Advertisements

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Expat Brits retain interest in UK Politics.

Despite its problems with Brexit, let’s hope the British government presses on with the “Votes for Life” bill to remove the 15-year-limit which deprives British citizens living overseas of their right to vote. Giorgio Greening who was 16 when she … Continue reading

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The 15-year-limit on Overseas Voting Rights – following the EU Referendum.

Brian Cave, a lead campaigner in our “Votes for expat Brits” team, has received from the Cabinet Office the response below (to read the file it’s better to save and then rotate view) to his recent enquiry on overseas voting … Continue reading

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EU Referendum: April Polls Tightening – Make Sure You Can Vote!

Here’s the latest assessment of the direction of the polls for the EU Referendum by Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics at the University of Kent. That the race between the “Remain” and “Leave” camps has tightened recently is reflected in … Continue reading

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YourVoteMatters #EUreferendum – Electoral Commission

The British Embassy in Paris is supporting the Electoral Commission’s Overseas Voter Registration Day (#OVRD), a special day of activity designed to encourage British expatriates in France and around the world to register to vote ahead of the referendum on … Continue reading

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Time to Lobby over British Expat Vote in EU Referendum

This article in The Connexion – Time to lobby over expat vote – is urging British expatriates to lobby peers in the House of Lords to extend the right to vote in the referendum to all Britons who live in the EU: … Continue reading

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Electoral Commission: Improving the Overseas Voting Experience.

Based on feedback received, the Electoral Commission’s Report on the Administration of the 7th May 2015 General Election, proposes on page 6 how to improve the voting experience for overseas electors. Recommendation 5 (page 6): Improving access to the voting … Continue reading

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