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Elections Act 2022

The Elections Bill has just received Royal Assent and so it has become the Elections Act 2022. Among other things it removes the 15-year rule for overseas voters, so we should soon all be able to register to vote in … Continue reading

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‘Votes for life’ for British citizens living abroad

“New measures announced in the Queen’s Speech will make it easier for British citizens who have moved abroad to participate in our democracy.” “Decisions made in the UK Parliament on foreign policy, defence, immigration, pensions and trade deals affect British … Continue reading

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Britons living abroad merit dedicated MPs’

“It’s a big hill to climb” says Paul Fisher, Chairman of Lib Dems in France but let’s “go for gold”

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Overseas Electors Bill 2017-2019 – “Talked out” at Second Reading 22nd March, 2019

“Britons who have lived abroad for more than 15 years lose the right to vote in UK elections. This would have changed had a Private Member’s Bill with government support passed last month – but a Conservative MP talked it … Continue reading

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A View on Votes for Life and Overseas Representation

“Votes for Life” were promised twice in manifestos by the Conservative Party and yet still here we are, many of us, still screaming out but voiceless. Let’s trust the promise of “introducing” it before 2022 means quick implementation rather than … Continue reading

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British Government response to Petition on Right to Vote.

The Government has responded to the petition – “Give all British citizens living abroad the right to vote and dedicated MPs”. Government response: The Government remains committed to introducing ‘votes for life’ ahead of the next scheduled General Election in … Continue reading

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Overseas Electors Bill

Here’s a personal guest posting of support from Erika Angelidi, the Conservatives Abroad Representative in Greece, on the right to vote for British expatriates: Ιn view of the 23rd February 2018 when the Overseas Electors Bill successfully passed its second … Continue reading

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New Petition on Right to Vote for all British Citizens Abroad

Here’s a new petition worth signing on behalf of all us British citizens resident abroad,  without the right to vote.

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Latest on Votes for Life – Overseas Electors Bill

Brian Cave who over the years has made a leading and major contribution to our campaign for Votes for Life for British citizens resident abroad, has recently written the following letter to Glyn Davies, MP who has tabled an Overseas Electors … Continue reading

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Brexit Impact on Pension & Voting Rights – Concerns of British Overseas Voter in EU.

You will find below a sample letter to his/her UK constituency MP from an overseas voter living in another EU member state but concerned by the impact of Brexit on his/her continuing pension and voting rights. If you are a British citizen living within … Continue reading

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