Overseas Electors Bill 2017-2019 – “Talked out” at Second Reading 22nd March, 2019

“Britons who have lived abroad for more than 15 years lose the right to vote in UK elections. This would have changed had a Private Member’s Bill with government support passed last month – but a Conservative MP talked it out. Susan Collard (University of Sussex) says the incident reveals the shortcomings of parliamentary democracy.”

Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, “talked out” the Overseas Electors Bill 2017-2019, at the second reading in parliament on the 22nd March, 2019.

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5 Responses to Overseas Electors Bill 2017-2019 – “Talked out” at Second Reading 22nd March, 2019

  1. Peachy Essay says:

    Next election would definitely be an interesting one.

  2. Ron hughes says:

    How can I get my vote back for the next election ? Move to the UK for 1 week and regester locally ?
    Is this a legal approach ? I have reachout to the UK officials and it is not clear.

    • right2vote4xpatbrits says:

      It’s not a legal approach to try and register to vote if you have already been non-resident for more than 15 years and temporarily visiting the UK for a week also doesn’t then automatically qualify you as becoming a local resident in the constituency within which your quoted address falls.

  3. Michael Strawson says:

    This issue has been about since 1989 when Parliament set a time limit of 20 years to the 1985 Act. In a nutshell waking up to modern communication systems UK Parliament honourably created an Overseas Register of UK Citizens to vote . In 2000 UK Parliament thought that with Internet , Devolution etc wise to reduce the period of Disenfranchisement to 15 years in an Act that had bugger all to do with Representation of the Peoples Acts by single line under miscellaneous page 141 of the Political Parties ( conduct ) , Elections Referendums . Clear evidense that Democracy DOES NOT EXIST IN WESTMINSTER

  4. Frank Woods says:

    Mr Davies What a time waster you are.Your party made a commitment, which should be backed up by party members.What should have been a firm party action was shamefully reduced to a private members bill.
    Shame on you Davies.

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