Latest on Votes for Life – Overseas Electors Bill

Brian Cave who over the years has made a leading and major contribution to our campaign for Votes for Life for British citizens resident abroad, has recently written the following letter to Glyn Davies, MP who has tabled an Overseas Electors Bill:
Dear Mr. Davies,
I am delighted to see you have tabled an Overseas Electors Bill. I have long been involved with others in fighting for this, and I am here copying to various others who have tried for so long to achieve this.
I  imagine that several might be writing to you with letters of support.  One of them (Roger Boaden) drew my attention to your initiative. Harry Shindler (aged 95) has often been in touch for many years on this issue. Rodney Harper years ago launched the web site to publicise the matter.
It hit me forcibly when the Blair Government reduced my right to vote from 20 years to 15. How dare any Government remove my right to vote! Thereby removing my right to representation to the Government which acts in my name as a British Citizen and on whom I depend for my income.
If I and my wife and thousands like us had had the vote restored, the current political events may have been avoided. Harry Shindler visited Mr. Skidmore earlier this year and had the promise of this Bill.  Why, one asks, has the Government itself not tabled it?
I am sure we will be interested to read the details of the Bill as soon as we can.
Yours sincerely
Brian Cave (aged 85)
Resident in France but totally dependent on the UK for finance, and healthcare support.
Brian Cave Gourdon 46300 France
Tel:- +33 (0) 565 414269
Mobile:- 0782654402
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2 Responses to Latest on Votes for Life – Overseas Electors Bill

  1. lee lester says:

    How many Brits living abroad were/are excluded from voting under the15-year rule?

  2. Linda Geller says:

    I worked 26 years for the UK government in Brussels, 23 of those years as Commercial Officer at the UKREP to the EU. My job was to help UK companies bid for EU funded projects, mainly in developing countries. They won millions of Euros worth of contracts but now that department of UKREP (there were 5 of us) has been closed down and UK companies will no longer be able to bid for the business. I was voted a “highly ranked commercial officer” by UK companies in a Daily Telegraph survey and received a commendation signed by WIlliam Hague for my “contribution to the advancement of British interests overseas. The UK government took tax from my salary (I was legally working on UK soil) until the day I retired in 2012 but I was NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE because I live in Belgium. At 70 years old I have become Belgian. I am angry and sad. Thanks Mrs May!

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