“Britishness” does not expire after 15 years abroad but your Right to Vote currently will!

Marianne Marsh has recently commented from France that ” my Britishness will not expire after 15 years, but it looks as if my rights will”, despite demonstrating her continuing commitment to the UK by travelling together with her husband to London to cast their votes in person in the EU Referendum.

“I have lived in Paris since I retired in 2007. I opted for postal voting in 2010. I was denied my voting rights by not receiving my ‘postal’ papers until the day after the election, and I gathered that thousands of others, including the armed services on deployment, suffered the same fate. Because of this experience my husband and I travelled to London to cast our votes in person in the EU referendum. No other country sets a ‘use-by’ date for its citizens’ democratic rights. My Britishness will not expire after 15 years, but it looks as if my rights will.”

Let’s hope the “Votes for Life” commitment in the Conservative Party’s manifesto for the 2015 general election will not be forgotten in the rush to “Brexit”.

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4 Responses to “Britishness” does not expire after 15 years abroad but your Right to Vote currently will!

  1. Hugo Mallet says:

    If we’re not allowed to vote in the UK after 15 years, where can we vote? Currently I can only vote for our town mayor!

  2. Frank Woods says:

    We were denied the vote…over 15 years in Europe.A sad situation for many Brits. Yes the manifesto promise on votes for life is a matter of great importance and must be followed up by us all lobbying MPs,actively supporting ECREU and similar bodies .

  3. Michael Cushing says:

    A promise that was I believe intimated during Harry Shindlers action on this issue of representation -The Electoral Com. we’re tasked with advertising the fact that there was indeed an Overseas UK Citizens Register – Representation of the Peoples Acts 1985/89/2000( amendment) to establish whether there was a need to spend hot air time in Parliament to change the qualification.I am also disenfranchised – indicating to the world that when UK Gov. Ministers mention democracy they are clearly in need of a dictionary. With Brexit D. Cameron and then T May had no mandate to singularly declare UK is leaving and it’s taken 9months to just hand over a simple letter Art 50. The test will be whether Parliament will pass The Great Reform Bill promised by TMay&Co. -for me if passed UK has left the EU without any negotiation and trust EU will stick to the 2year period with UK in a sequestered state of flux. Soar Alba , Saor Uladh – freedom Scotland and NI hi boo

  4. Dick Smith says:

    I doubt the votes-for-life Bill will get off the ground. The Tory government has other things on their minds.

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