Exiting the EU: Government’s White Paper vs Expats’ Alternative White Paper

The Connexion, France’s English-Language Newspaper, reported on 2nd February, 2017 that: 

“In a ‘White Paper’ on The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union, the government says: “We want to secure the status of EU citizens who are already living in the UK, and that of UK nationals in other member states, as early as we can”. “

A copy of the government’s “White Paper” referred to in the above Connexion article can be found here:


In the same issue The Connexion reports on a corresponding counter reaction as:

“Expat campaigners launched an ‘Alternative White Paper’, highlighting the situation of Britons in the EU and asking that strong reassurances be made before article 50 is triggered.”

A copy of this “Alternative White Paper” can be found here:


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