Expat Brits retain interest in UK Politics.

Despite its problems with Brexit, let’s hope the British government presses on with the “Votes for Life” bill to remove the 15-year-limit which deprives British citizens living overseas of their right to vote.

Giorgio Greening who was 16 when she left the UK has never voted in her country of birth but remains keenly interested in UK politics:

“I have lived in Germany since 1975 and have never voted in my life. I am not German, so I can not vote in German elections and I was 16 when I left the UK so I have never voted in the UK. I am keenly interested in UK politics and it is inexplicable that I can not not participate in the democratic process.”

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2 Responses to Expat Brits retain interest in UK Politics.

  1. Nigel Munisamy says:

    For an institution which claims to be the Mother of Parliaments the current situation is shameful. Full voting rights should never have been curtailed. We cannot even contact an MP directly. Democracy NOW

  2. Michael Cushing says:

    The undemocratic Westminster Act reducing the 20 year limit to 15 years Political Parties , Election, Referendums Act 2000 – Miscellaneous – page 141 is a mere one line amendment to the Representation of the Peoples Act 1985/89 – overseas registration . Methinks the Westminster machine is just playing a power game having committed itself to Judges that it would advertise to UK Citizens of one’s rights and establish if there was sufficient interest by UK Citizens Overseas in registering to vote in UK General Elections only. This post highlights the undemocratic nature of the Westminster Establishment and one’s human rights to Representation. Was it not the case that an 18 year old had the right to Register -Overseas that being the date for the 20/15 year time limit to run from.

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