The Brexit Problem for a British Expatriate & Ex-Serviceman

  • This comment recently posted on our sign-up poll , sums up the impact of the 15-year-rule  on a British expatriate & ex-serviceman, particularly the Brexit consequences of  the EU referendum in which he had no say but has to live with the consequences.

    Another good reason why the UK government must ensure that its policy document “A democracy that works for everyone: British citizens overseas“, results in  implementation of  its manifesto commitment to introduce “votes for life” within the term of this parliament.

     William Ould  (9th November, 2016)

    I served in HM Forces for 33 years after which I was discharged locally in Germany in 1996 and have remained here with my German born wife, our daughters and grand children ever since.

    All my working life I have been a British Tax Payer and still am today through my forces pension.

    I vote in local and European elections and find it absolutely disgusting that I am not allowed to vote in the country of my birth and to which I pay taxes.

    I was not able to vote in the referendum (I did ask), I would have voted to remain, and now I find my livelihood endangered due to the fall of the Pound and eventually loss of my status as an EU resident.

    I have no wish to become an immigrant nor change my Nationality, or have to request a visa to visit my homeland.

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4 Responses to The Brexit Problem for a British Expatriate & Ex-Serviceman

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    I am a non convict disenfranchised UK Citizen who exercised the right to move throughout EU per a UK Parliament Act 25 years ago. I applied to have the right to join the Overseas Citizens Register but was refused because of the one line amendment to the 1985/89 Acts under miscellaneous of the 2000Act . It would seem that the vote for life subject of this post would not give one rights to vote in any UK Election or Referendum other than a General Election ! The well meant / practical solution / proposals on EU Citizenship rights by Charles Georens for citizens of EU States who leave EU is at odds however with the ECHR notion of identity and citizenship ( UN protocol) – Can / would the EU withdraw citizens rights from- with Brexit in mind – UK Citizens – that is not Westminster concerns?

  2. Charles says:

    The proposal to re-introduce votes for those expats overseas for >15 years is frankly too little, too late.
    As William Ould points out, having been excluded from voting on *our* futures, many of us now face huge question marks as to our status should this folly actually go through, unless those of us who qualify can somehow gain a 2nd nationality. Obviously many won’t qualify, and therefore their very livelihoods are at stake.
    But as with the rest of Brexit, the Government appears to have had no plan whatsoever for those of us who stand be to impacted the most.
    On the other hand, a Luxembourg MEP ( Twitter @CharlesGoerens ) has proposed a treaty amendment (number 882) to offer citizens of ex-member states an associate European citizenship granting residence, voting, and working rights similar to those we currently enjoy.
    While the amendment has a long way to go (it will first be discussed in roughly 10 days) it is at least an initiative made with us in mind, so deserves publicity & support in my opinion.

  3. right2vote4xpatbrits says:

    Thank you for your comment.
    The link to the policy document to which you refer is also already included in the article as posted.

  4. Dominic McGrath says:

    As far as I understand the government manifesto promise is currently in the process of preparing for it’s way through parliament. Here the reference:


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