Reflections on Brexit – 3. A Question of Sovereignty

In the third of his three articles Reflexions on Brexit – 3. A Question of Sovereignty, Michael Carberry writes that:

“The exit camp seemed to be the ones with the big ideas  – in particular that by leaving Britain would “regain its sovereignty” [or according to Boris Johnson “Take back control !” ]”

“But like their other claims the idea that Britain would have more control by regaining its sovereignty is illusory.”

“In reality the EU countries [together with the UK ] are not so much giving up their sovereignty as pooling it to make it stronger and more effective.”

“The idea that the UK could independently, negotiate better deals with India, China or the US than it does as a member of the EU is naive as is the idea that it could obtain special terms of trade from the EU.”

“Any country entering into an international agreement or even just wanting to do business internationally must accept some limitations on its sovereignty.”

“Even the Swiss, so famously jealous of their sovereignty that they have never even joined the UN, have been obliged to accept the single market rules (including free movement), to relax their cherished banking secrecy laws and to accept the circulation of the Euro as a de facto second currency.”

“One could of course withdraw from all such agreements. In that respect the most sovereign country in the world at the present time is probably North Korea!”

Reflexions on Brexit – 3. A Question of Sovereignty

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