Undecided Voters Could Decide EU Referendum!

In this latest round-up of research into Britain’s EU Referendum by Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics, University of Kent & Visiting Fellow Chatham House, voters were presented below with the potential outcome of the Prime Minister’s current renegotiation with the UK’s EU partners, and asked whether it was good, bad or neither for their voting intentions:

David Cameron may secure a deal with Brussels along the following lines: curbing the benefits received by EU migrant workers to the UK, securing an opt-out for Britain to the EU’s move to ever closer union, safeguards for countries like the UK which do not use the euro and cutting red tape for business. To what extent do you think this package of reforms would be a good or bad outcome of David Cameron’s renegotiation?”

The importance of the “deal” the Prime Minister may secure with Brussels is demonstrated by the result, with “Undecided” voters  breaking more strongly than anyone (see chart below) in viewing it as a good outcome – 57% taking this view but only 6% viewing this as a bad outcome.

With the “Leave” and “Remain” campaigns already promoting their conflicting messages, but the final result still in the balance and sensitive e.g. to the intentions of the “undecided” voters (or indeed the estimated 5 – 6 million British expats worldwide), shouldn’t you as a British citizen resident abroad (for less than 15 years) finally decide to register to vote in this referendum?

PMs EU Renegotiations Jan 2016

This latest round-up of research on Britain’s EU Referendum by Matthew Goodwin, Professor of Politics, University of Kent & Visiting Fellow Chatham House,  addresses key questions including:

Is “Leave” Gaining Ground?

The Boris Effect – overrated?

What of the Renegotiation?

The Scottish Question.

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1 Response to Undecided Voters Could Decide EU Referendum!

  1. michael cushing says:

    David Cameron embarked on this Ref. issue / new conditions with EU because he is following the same line as Maggie . DC believes he could become a world statesman by changing EU – fat chance – thats why he’ll lead UK down the plughole by curbing citizens rights and creating a London only UK centralised Gov. – crocodile tears re Brexit and the rest of UK . ‘Better together’ for Scotland – he conned Labour / Libdems and a lot of UK Citizens on that one !.

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