Why Not Benefit From EU Solidarity Funding for Cumbria?

Following the severe flooding, Local MEP SaJJad Karim writes that Cumbria could benefit from EU funding as well as from the UK government:

“This could include the EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF) which was introduced to help countries and people who have been adversely affected by disasters, and Sajjad believes the United Kingdom would qualify for funding as a “Regional Disaster”.”

“In the wake of the flooding in Suffolk in 2014, following evaluation, the Government decided not to apply for EUSF support due to the effect this could have on the UK Rebate. However the situation across Cumbria is infinitely worse and the consequential bill for damage is obviously going to be far greater.”

“Sajjad said “I am actively seeking further clarification on exactly and by how much a successful bid for EUSF would affect our rebate. I have submitted a Written Question in the European Parliament and I am also making enquiries directly with the Commission to obtain further details.”

In common with the issue of votes for 16-17-year-olds (and all EU-resident British expats?), let’s hope the government doesn’t also fear charges from Eurosceptics of trying to rig the EU referendum, if it demonstrates the benefit of EU membership by applying for such EU funding support!

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1 Response to Why Not Benefit From EU Solidarity Funding for Cumbria?

  1. June Wayland says:

    I still have a voice, having been a British migrant for ten years (I hate the word ex-pat when everyone else is called an immigrant). However, I resent the fact that after 15 years, I would be considered no longer a British migrant! Now, where would I have gone?

    I also have no doubt that the failure to table the Votes for Life Bill prior to the referendum was deliberate in order to help the Brexit side win.” Since then, many events have occurred that poses questions whether the process was carried out in the correct manner.

    It’s no secret that each party that has been in power, works for itself and its members and not us, the general public. I sincerely hope that in my lifetime, improvements are made to remedy this fiasco of administration and for once, think of the people.

    I refer also to the Brexit fiasco which will benefit nobody except the ones in power.

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