British Expats: Lobby Peers Before 18th Nov. Report Stage of EU Referendum Bill

The Report Stage of the EU Referendum Bill takes place in the House of Lords from Wednesday 18 November.  

It is understood that Baroness Miller (Lib Dem) will then (re)introduce an amendment to give all British Citizens in the EU a vote in the Referendum.  Those resident outside the EU will not be included as this is unlikely to be accepted.  

As at the previous Committee Stage, Baroness Miller’s amendment is likely to fail unless Labour & Conservative peers in particular are persuaded otherwise by our lobbying.

The Connexion article  “Expats must not be left out” provides a very readable summary of what happened at the Committee Stage.

Baroness Miller urges that:

“The essential thing now is to get all your friends and family to lobby members of the House of Lords.”

Contact details for Peers can be found here:

We can suggest writing to Baroness Anelay (Con), who is in charge of this bill in the Lords.

Note: It is absolutely essential that your mail to a Peer or Peers gives the reason why you personally should be able to vote in the Referendum, as an avalanche of standard format e-mailed messages could be rejected. 

With due thanks to Brian Cave for his inputs.

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4 Responses to British Expats: Lobby Peers Before 18th Nov. Report Stage of EU Referendum Bill

  1. Barry Carleton says:

    I tried to email my previous local MP Mr Khalid Mahmood b42 three times but he did not even acknowledge my emails.
    I was born in Plymouth wife in West Bromwich, we live in France.
    Barry and Patricia Carleton

  2. Ken Henderson says:

    As yet my efforts to communicate with my MP and former MP Lord Prescott have been met with rejection by the MP for East Hull and with no response at all from Lord Prescott.

  3. michael cushing says:

    Reiterate > In a democratic society does a UK Citizen ( MP / Lord ) have the right to disenfranchise another UK Citizen from the Right to Representation being contrary to ECHR / UN definition of Identity / Nationality etc . I have emailed Baroness Anelay on this issue requesting at minimum the annulation of the 2000 Act page 141 amend 20 years to 15 – patently undemocratic and down right unlawfull on the grounds that the 1985/89 Representation of the Peoples Acts recognised with modern communications it was possible for the first time that Overseas UK Citizens could re-register at their last UK Electoral Registrars prior to moving Overseas. . As the Nov 18 Report Stage EU Referendum Bill gives the opportunity to address this FUNDAMENTAL DEMOCRATIC RIGHT I have requested the Right to Re- register to vote which obviously doesn’t fully address the Lifetime Disenfranchisement

  4. Mr D.Bishton says:

    I agree why should we not be able to vote in the referendum we are still British!

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