EU Referendum Bill – Next Key Date 28th October

The Committee Stage debate on the EU Referendum Bill begins in the House of Lords on the 28th October, 2015.

This presents an opportunity for Peers to present and and debate an anticipated amendment to the Bill to extend the vote in the Referendum to also include all British Citizens abroad (or at least those residing in the EU). If such an amendment is passed it would then have to be re-considered by MPs in the House of Commons.

In parallel Harry Shindler, having appealed with little effect to the British government to commit to bringing the Votes for Life Bill forward and into force before the Referendum, has now written to EU Commissioner Avramopoulos to urgently intervene on behalf of disenfranchised British citizens.

Shindler Letter to EU Commissioner 20-10-150001

Yet the Government insists that the Votes for Life Bill is necessary to achieve democracy for all British citizens abroad and also appears in favour of staying in Europe, subject to a renegotiated relationship with the EU and despite its eurosceptic MPs.

If you are a concerned British citizen resident in another EU member state and worried about your uncertain future should the UK vote to leave the EU, you can express your concern and your right to a vote in the Referendum, by writing to a specific member (or members) of the House of Lords (or House of Commons). Their addresses can be found via the link below.

Lord Green a crossbencher would be a good example:

“The real issue is surely one of principle.

“The aim, in a nutshell, is to ensure that the future of Britain is decided only by those who are British citizens.”

With thanks also to Brian Cave for the above content

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4 Responses to EU Referendum Bill – Next Key Date 28th October

  1. James Wales says:

    What made you all abandon your home land in the first place? not good enough for you?
    too cowardly to stand and fight? you made your bed. lie on it

    • right2vote4xpatbrits says:

      In my case what is wrong with taking advantage of freedom of movement within the EU as a British EU citizen to work for a multi-national company? This is why I’m not sure what you mean by “abandon”, “not good enough for you”, “too cowardly to stand and fight”, “you made your bed. Lie on it”. I’ve got property in the UK, family in the UK, pay tax in the UK, regularly spend 2 – 3 months a year in the UK…….
      You and I are both presumably British EU citizens, will both be impacted by the EU Referendum result and,therefore, should both have the right to vote in it.

  2. Carol Daubney says:

    I wrote to several MPs on the matter of ex-pat Brits and was totally ignored by all of them. After 15 years you really are disenfranchised. No right to vote, no chance of your vote for the MPs concerned. No interest.

  3. Michael strawson says:

    Have applauded Harry’s efforts for our UK citizens rights in a democracy – overseas registration to vote. I am now of the belief that perhaps the cop-out from campaigning for one’s democratic right might in fact be the way forward . I have written replies from the Crown Office on this issue when I was refused by the Electoral Registrar ( my last UK registration office Perth ) in 2011 – I had contested the legitimacy of the 2000Act that modified / amended the 1985/89Acts 20year rule to15years by the simple question does a UK CITIZEN have the right to EXCLUDE another UK CITIZEN from the right to representation ie once given a right who has the right to extinguish that right .Therefore if UK Gov. Does not amend that right to 20years or extend the right for a democratic life then for me the Referendum result is not of my making .!! Methinks in that case of a Brexit I would have a legitimate claim to the EU for the right to be given EU citizenship ( I am dual national anyway ) . As an aside today’s UK dependency China issues might well backfire on Westminster and leave UK out in the cold ‘re EU -no changes Mr D. Cameron !

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