Oral Hearing at Royal Courts of Justice on Franchise for UK’s EU Referendum.

Here’s an interesting oral hearing on the franchise for the UK’s EU Referendum granted to the leader of the Europeans Party, on 15th October, 2015 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

This suggests that there is a legal area to be explored between local regional EU elections in which all resident EU citizens can participate under EU law, and national elections such as the UK’s EU referendum, the franchise for which under the EU principle of subsidiarity is devolved to member states, in this instance UK electoral law and the UK government.

It is recalled that the franchise for local elections was adopted for the Scottish Independence Referendum, thereby allowing all EU citizens resident in Scotland to vote but not those resident in the rest of the UK.

Should the Justices determine that the UK’s EU Referendum on continuing membership is also a matter for European law, this could open the way for British EU expatriate citizens currently excluded from voting in the EU referendum by the 15-year-limit, to be included within the franchise for the Referendum e.g. by an opt in via the “Votes for Life” Bill.

EU Ref Europeans party legal challenge

“On 15/10/2015, I will have an oral hearing in my CASE AGAINST the UK GOVERNMENT, which may pave the way for ALLOWING EU CITIZENS from the UK to vote in the EU REFERENDUM.

The hearing will be held at the Royal Courts of Justice.

According to the Treaty on the European Union, ‘’Every citizen shall have the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union’’ and it will be illegal not to allow EU citizens from the UK to vote in the EU Referendum.

European Union Citizens resident in the UK should vote in a UK in/out European Union Referendum even if they are not UK citizens for 13 reasons, which can be found at http://www.europeansparty.org/let-us-vote–stand.html

I have lodged a claim for a Judicial Review in the High Court to enable EU citizens in the UK to be able to Vote and Stand in the UK Parliamentary Elections, for 15 reasons which can be found at http://www.europeansparty.org/let-us-vote–stand.html

Please contact us if you wish to help.”

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