Electoral Commission: Improving the Overseas Voting Experience.

Based on feedback received, the Electoral Commission’s Report on the Administration of the 7th May 2015 General Election, proposes on page 6 how to improve the voting experience for overseas electors.

Recommendation 5 (page 6):
Improving access to the voting process for overseas electors (page 42)

We will work with the UK Government and Returning Officers to identify practical steps which could be taken to improve access to the voting process for overseas electors at the next scheduled poll where they are entitled to vote, including:

  • Ensuring that all Returning Officers include the correct postage on postal ballot packs for overseas electors so that they can be delivered to voters and returned as quickly as possible before polling day, including increasing the funding provided by the UK Government to Returning Officers for this purpose.
  • Explaining the practical implications of different voting methods (such as postal voting or appointing a proxy) for overseas electors, particularly if they are making
    an application during the last month before polling day, including on the government website https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

We will work with the UK Government and Returning Officers to develop workable and effective proposals, which could be included in the proposed Votes for Life Bill if legislation is required, to make it easier for overseas electors to cast their votes in time to be counted at elections. We will also continue our work with the Electoral Advisory Board to consider how technology might be introduced into a wider range of election activity.

With thanks to Brian Cave for forwarding this Electoral Commission Report, as well as the link below to the (next step) Report Stage of the European Union Referendum Bill 2015 – 16 on 7th September, 2015:


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