Harry Shindler: If EU Referendum is not right time to remove 15-year-rule why not?

Harry Shindler was yesterday 25th May on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme, arguing the case for now extending the right to vote in the upcoming EU referendum to all British citizens abroad.


In challenging manner and quoting his exchange of letters with the Prime Minister  on the latter’s commitment to votes for life for all British citizens abroad, Harry Shindler questioned if the EU referendum is not now the right time to extend the franchise,  then why not, or would the government again be coming up with another excuse at a later date?

At this early stage of the EU referendum bill when the limits of the franchise have still to be debated and agreed, the government now has the opportunity to demonstrate the firmness of its commitment on page 49 of  the Conservative party’s Manifesto 2015 to removing the 15-year-rule.

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1 Response to Harry Shindler: If EU Referendum is not right time to remove 15-year-rule why not?

  1. David & Gwen Jackaman says:

    Likewise we are very annoyed that we are excluded from voting at all, either in Britain or Spain, only in local elections in Spain. Feel very let down Both have many generations of British Parents & Grand Parents of whom, some lost their lives in wars for our Country. We live here for our health not for any other reason. I would never give up my nationality. The Vote was given to Women and the struggle for that was long and hard. I feel very strongly that I am not allowed to vote. It is time they honoured their statements in their referendum. Perhaps Mr. Cameron would have had more seats in Parliament, if this stupid rule had not been implemented.

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