Impact of Brexit good reason to vote?

From the standpoint of repealing the 15-year-rule for expats, the impact of a Brexit should provide a clear example (certainly for those resident within the EU) of the importance of British citizens not already excluded by this rule to make sure that they do register and vote in the 7th May, 2015 general election..

The more British expats who register and vote, the more evidence we have to convince the political establishment that there really is a significant body of expats out there who would vote if not already excluded or demotivated by this 15-year-rule. 

The fact that expats resident within the EU would be impacted by a Brexit (and for which the government currently seems to have no contingency plan or will not reveal it), also counters one argument of those who resist removing the 15-year-rule i.e. British citizens not living within the UK should not be able to vote in a UK election because they will not be affected by the policies of the government subsequently elected.

This key issue of a possible Brexit and the overlapping of our interests is why we have now set up the following direct links on the upper menu bar:

Brexit from the EU – Br(itish)exit from the EU: Why be concerned about Brexit?  Here’s the latest posting on their blog page: What are expats and why are they ignored?

Facebook page: UK Citizens in the EU – The impact of a Brexit

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  1. Grahame says:

    Reblogged this on UK exit from the EU – Brexit from both sides of the Channel and commented:
    The myth of expatriates not being affected by UK decisions is exposed as a falsehood by the potential consequences of a Brexit.

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