British Expatriates “Eggs in EU Referendum Omelette?

Here’s one of the conclusions in this EU Law Analysis  by Steve Peers: What happens to British expatriates if the UK leaves the EU?

“Usually, patriots and nationalists are concerned about the plight of their fellow citizens living abroad. One might think this would be particularly the case in the UK, given the large number of British citizens living abroad due to the current forces of globalisation – never mind the country’s colonialist past. Yet it seems more likely that British expatriates in the EU will be, in effect, the eggs that have to be broken to make the omelettes of those British politicians who feel uncomfortable living next to Romanians.”

If you are one of the over 1 million expatriate British citizens currently resident in the European Union, , shouldn’t you at least make sure that you can vote by registering for the May 2015 general election on

If you find (like many of us) that you are already excluded by the 15-year-limit, we’d much appreciate you adding your support here in our on-line poll for removing this undemocratic limit on our national voting rights.

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3 Responses to British Expatriates “Eggs in EU Referendum Omelette?

  1. Fightforyourrights! says:

    All British expatriates living in the EU MUST be given a vote in the EU in/out referendum. No nonsense, fudging, smoke or mirrors. To hell with with UKIP and Tory Euro-sceptics!

  2. brian1932 says:

    As a British expatriate pensioner living in France, I do not read the above blog as ‘spurious’ It is in any case a report of analysis by Steve Peers. I and thousands like me would have currently under the law no say in any referendum on Brexit – that is undemocratic. And more, I cannot see any certainty that if the UK exits on a vote based solely on the UK franchise I would still be a European citizen. On that argument all the current 62 million of British citizens resident in the UK would also retain their European citizenship in the case of a Brexit.

  3. Michael Cushing says:

    Don’t like the reference to Romanians ( I do understand that that is the ananology of UK immigration issues by the UK media ) its pretty sick and typical of the ‘ British ‘ way of life – forever blaming others for UK problems . The permited scaremongering originating in Westminster re UK citizens in EU in the event ( unlikely except for UKIP ) of UK exit from EU is similar tactics to the Scotland Referendum 2014.. All UK citizens are EU Citizens irrespective of any outcome of a political severence of UK from EU . The international ( almost ) protocol on identity and Citizenship passes to siblings and siblings of siblings so thats a good 180 years away from UK citizens families losing EU citizenship again irrespective of irrational political actions / ideas.. It is highly unlikely that even a unilateral UK exit from EU would be permitted by EU and ECHR to disenfranchise / disadvantage EU citizens wether they are resident in UK or at least another EU state . Little ‘britain’ cannot exist in this world without aliances – Scotland can legally as a country ( in international law ) decide unilateraly at Hollyrood to exit UK ( as a last resort ) . N. Ireland ( which contrary to ‘ English’ understanding is making massive advances with new and old aliances with ROI and the world and for me would likely side either with ROI or like Scotland EU direct . No more spurious blogs please or one has scaremongering – outright wars or somewhere in between . France / Germany will not go down that road . I have faith in EU not Westminster even though there has to be a massive reorganization re high cost EU / States else we will not have any chance to survive on this planet . .

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