British Expats: What happens to you if Britain leaves the EU?

Visit this recently established Expat Forum: What happens if Britain leaves the EU? and set up in response to growing concern within the British expatriate community of the consequences of a referendum on Britain’s future EU membership.

If you are a British expatriate currently resident within a EU member state and concerned about this issue but have not yet registered to vote in the UK’s May 2015 general election, shouldn’t you make sure that you can? It’s now so much more convenient to be able to register on-line here on this British government website:

Add more political power to the concerns of British citizens living abroad by helping to increase the number of registered overseas voters to over 100,000!

If you find your application to register rejected because of the 15-year-limit, we would still much appreciate you adding your vote here in support of our campaign to remove this undemocratic restriction on our voting rights.

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8 Responses to British Expats: What happens to you if Britain leaves the EU?

  1. Not having the right to vote after 15 years of not living in ‘your’ country is not undemocratic! The question should be asked why haven’t you become a citizen of the country you live in? I live in Spain and when I hope to become a citizen. However, should the UK ‘Brexit’ the EU before I have the required amount of time to apply for citizenship I will be the first back to the island with my hand out expecting a dole cheque and social housing as I have a job and am a homeowner in Spain and will be very annoyed if I’m required to leave my preferred country to the shit hole I left!

    • Grahame says:

      Make sure you support the campaign for expatriate voting in General Elections/Referenda.

      What ever happens do not forget that you might not have a vote but you DO have a voice.

    • Grahame says:

      Why should I have to give up my democratic right of voting in MY country just because I’ve been away fro 15 years or more.

      Participating in the democratic process is a basic right of any citizen, there is no tine limit on a right as fundamental as that.

      • I personally would not want someone who has not been in the country for 15 plus years deciding any policy for me. Why aren’t expats gaining citizenship in their country of residence and fully participating in the democratic process of where they reside – where the laws and policies affect them? The answer for the ex pats that I know of in Spain is that they are far to lazy to learn the language of the country they are in and prefer to try to huddle together in little ex pat groups.

      • Grahame says:

        We are UK citizens, by birth, heritage, we have a UK passport – we even pay UK tax and our pensions will come from the UK. Legislation and regulations in the UK affect us everyday.

        The three of us speak French and could become French nationals if we chose to.

        Our UK citizenship brings the benefits of EU citizenship and allows us to live elsewhere in the EU

        Why should we become Nationals of another EU country? That won’t change whether we are taxed by the UK on our UK derived income, it won change the fact that our UK derived pension will be determined and even taxed in accordance with the legislation & regulation in the UK.

  2. GermanyBrit says:

    Who knows what the British government would inflict on expats in the future if it chose to leave the EU. Surely the worrying thing is anything is possible including freezing pensions as it does to those expats in Canada etc., and possibly also stopping the funding of healthcare to those in receipt of full pensions. That’s why it is so important expats should have the right to vote on this issue.

  3. Grahame says:

    As Michael says the issues surrounding loss of EU citizenship and the associated rights is not simply a question of being in or out of the EU.

    There are many different groups of Brits who may be affected in the event of a Brexit. There are those who have moved to the rest of the EU on a permanent basis but there are also those who have moved temporarily to study or work as well as those who still reside in the UK and have bought property as a holiday home or part of a retirement plan.

    Apart from these Brits, variously estimated to be 2-4.5 million, there is also a similar number of EU citizens living, working in the UK.

    At we want to make available information to debunk the myths and clarify the situation so that people can make informed decisions about what they personally want to do.

  4. Michael Cushing says:

    Mad UK Gov / Politics . EU is about Citizen rights FIRST . Thats the simple difference . Said this before “if UK Gov Westminster decides to leave EU ” after convincing UK citizens to vote for change ( change is operative word = freedom for UK Gov to choose how this is defined ) it does not follow that UK expat and UK resident citizens would lose EU citizenship ( this being contrary to EU / UN definition of citizenship ) The sibling / parent / grandparent rights would mean that to lose EU Citizenship will take about 180 years . For EU resident UK citizens whether exiled / loss of representation ( like me ) or not the current UK Gov actions will escalate against its overseas citizens – after all its trying its best to acheive that currently by carrying on paying unknown Westminster / Whitehall Gov. employees London saleries / expences to ensure that the only recourse for citizens is to pay extortionate London Court costs ( ie Supreme Court ????) before a citizen can approach the ECHR .

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