Second Reading of Overseas Voters Bill, 23rd January 2015

There’s a significant next step on Friday 23rd January 2015, in our campaign for removal of the 15-year-limit on British overseas voters, with the second reading of the legislation for the Overseas Voters Bill during Upcoming Business in the House of Commons: Main Chamber (See second item on the list of Upcoming Business in the link below).

If you are a British citizen who has lived abroad for less than 15 years and are not yet excluded from voting in UK national elections, make sure that you can cast your vote in the 2015 general election by registering on the new British government website here:

Help the Electoral Commission to reach its target of 100,000 registered overseas voters. The British expat vote is finally considered of some importance!

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2 Responses to Second Reading of Overseas Voters Bill, 23rd January 2015

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    UK UK Cabinet Office reply to me In Aug2014 the “UK Gov. is not minded to change 15 year rule ” methinks any hope of a private members bill passing into law through the Westminster Establishment is somewhat wishfull thinking .The basic fact is Westminster lives for “power” thats why the most obvious democratic actions have not happened ( along with the other 95% that should have been passed light years ago ) ITS ALL PAST ITS SELL BY DATEUK

  2. They will get my vote when I get my fully paid up pension as a frozen pensioner.

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