Disillusioned with British politics? Not Harry Shindler who still wants his right to vote!


Subject: Votes for British Expatriates

  • Date: Monday 1st December, 2014
  • Place: Room W1 (Off Westminster Great Hall) – House of Commons
  • Time:  2.45 – 3.30 pm

Harry Shindler,  the Anzio veteran who is resident in Italy and a lifelong campaigner for the British expatriate franchise, will speak, answer questions and be available for interview with Mr. Clifton-Brown MP, prior to the latter’s introduction on Tuesday 2nd December of a ten-minute rule bill calling for the reinstatement, in perpetuity, of voting rights for expatriate citizens of the United Kingdom.

Note for editors

At present the voting rights of United Kingdom Citizens are restricted to fifteen years only of residence overseas. Most countries in the developed world already grant the franchise in perpetuity and the campaign seeks to bring the UK into line with best democratic practice to facilitate the registration and enfranchisement of those, many of whom pay taxes in Britain, now living abroad.

Contact (by text or e-mail please):  

Sir Roger Gale MP, Campaign Co-Chairman – 07900 905532 – galerj@parliament.uk


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1 Response to Disillusioned with British politics? Not Harry Shindler who still wants his right to vote!

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    As I understand the history re overseas UK Citizens Right to Representation any call / demand for the current government to reinstate the right for life on Uk citizens is false . It was the 1985 Representation of the Peoples Acts ( all Uk jurisdictions) that woke up to the fact that communication systems were somewhat advanced to enable overseas UK citizens ( for the first time ) to vote in UK – 5years . amended to 20 years 1989 . Undemocraticly and possibly outwith the statuts UK this period was reduced to 15 years – Political Parties Elections, Referendums Acts 2000 . Without the basic democratic right to representation why bother with the Westminster Establishment – its falling apart by itself ! THANKS HARRY S. for following the democratic process

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