Lack of British Overseas Voter Engagement

The House of Commons Committee Report below on Voter Engagement in the UK concludes the section on Overseas Voters ( pages 39 – 42 ) with the following recommendation (page 42):

“We expect to see a comprehensive plan from the Government in response to our Report, setting out how it plans to increase registration rates for overseas voters.”

“We recommend that, at a minimum, this includes using UK embassies to promote registrations to British citizens living abroad, working with the BBC to put out information through BBC World and the World Service, and making changes to voting to make it more convenient to overseas voters.”

This is the Committee’s reaction to the unacceptable fact that only 19,245 overseas voters were registered in December 2012 (out of the estimated 4.7 – 5.5 million British citizens living abroad).

We continue to argue against the 15-year-rule  which already excludes perhaps half this number of British citizens living abroad,  but need the support of many more from the other 2.35 – 2.75 million who can still vote,  to register on-line by clicking here:

Voter Engagement Report Nov 2014 : Report by the Political & Constutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons

The Committee also invites you to contribute to the discussion  on doing more to increase registration for those people under represented on the electoral registers including British citizens living overseas. Dead-line : Friday 9th January, 2015.

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1 Response to Lack of British Overseas Voter Engagement

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    The notion that one UK citizen who decides not to register as a UK overseas voter should be a rational reason by the UK gov. Westminster to continue to exclude other UK citizens from the right to register as an overseas UK registered voter is already light years away from the simplistic fact that in a democracy no citizens ( ie Westminster UK MPs) have the right to exclude / restrict a UK citizen the right to representation . By restricting that right = REDUCING the period of time after leaving UK Representation of the Peoples Act 1985 – 5 years amended 1989 20 years amended by an irrelevent Act Political Parties , Elections, Referendum Act 2000 15 years the UK Gov Westminster continues to act as a non democratic Government . The continued British Bullshit on the issue will never suceed in bringing back the British Bulldog . Westminsters efforts to dictate to the world and EU how to conduct democracy is a joke I cringe everyday at the total lack of comprehension of the Westminster Establishment vis UK , EU and the world

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