Four reasons to vote to stay in EU.

This  Mirror Online article by journalist Sophie Warnes provides four compelling reasons why we should stay in the European Union (EU).

If you are a British expatriate citizen resident within the EU a British exit will certainly impact you,  and so make sure that you can make your voice heard by registering as an overseas voter on

If you find your application rejected due to the 15-year-rule, you can still add your vote here in support of removing this undemocratic limit on our voting rights. It would be much appreciated by the disenfranchised.

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5 Responses to Four reasons to vote to stay in EU.

  1. Frank Leopold says:

    Would there be a legal basis on which EU citizens domiciled in the UK can be excluded from an in/out referendum, assuming it ever comes to that point? The UK/EU arrangement affects them directly. More over, they ARE already voting for British representatives in the EU. As such it would seem severely illogical, if not illegal, to exclude this group from any referendum.

    • right2vote4xpatbrits says:

      I suppose that there is a “legal” precedent in the example of the Scottish referendum in that it was “agreed” by Alex Salmon & David Cameron that only Scots and other UK citizens from 16 years old and upwards, as well as other EU citizens, resident in Scotland at the time of the Referendum could vote.


  2. Michael Cushing says:

    Undemocratic Right – too right . In the event of Exit from EU ( with no right to representation – vote ) there will be no impact on us exiles as we are already EU citizens . The political stupidity of Westminster cannot change that . I look forward to the day when one will have to renew ones passport direct with Brussels!!!!!!

    • right2vote4xpatbrits says:

      Thank you for your interesting comment that “there will be no impact on us exiles as we are already EU citizens”.
      In the event of a British exit from the European Union, of which EU member state would you then still remain a citizen e.g perhaps you already have dual British and another nationality in a second EU member state?

      • Michael Cushing says:

        Yes I have dual nationality in EU. But my thrust is that a political change( ie leaving EU ) by ” your country ” when one has no right of representation ( by specific exclusion – Act of Gov UK 2000 ) will create at least a legal oportunity case for the ECHR to rule on whether the citizens of that country are excluded from EU citizenship or not . It would be difficult for EHRC to rule for exclusion which leads on to ones idendentity when there has already been International rulings , protocols on the issue which would then lead on to who would issue / renew EU passports ? All of this was in the smoke screen created by Westminster Establishment re Scotland . Controling entry, working rights for EU citizens into UK ( currently 100% illegal ) will of course create the need for a permanent closed border ROI – UK at huge cost on UK side – its all pathetic and stupid and is yet another good reason for a dramatic change in UK Gov – its got to happen surely the British bulldog isn’t that thick

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