Two-to-One in Favour of Continued EU Membership!

Given the results of the YouGov survey for Prospect below in the lead up to the European Parliament elections, shouldn’t British expatriates already living in Europe be registering now for the 2015 general election and an increasingly likely EU referendum on future British membership? Stuart Wilks-Heeg  (Twitter @StuartWilksHeeg) , Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Liverpool University, has  “long felt that lack of such connections [in continental Europe] among a large part of the UK population is a key driver of Euroscepticism”.

To demonstrate the strength of the British overseas voter actually living in the European Union, you can now more conveniently register on-line to vote here.

If you are already excluded by the 15-year-rule, we would still much appreciate you adding your vote in support here in our on-line poll.

Peter Kellner writing in Prospect asks “How European are the British?” :

 “So what does distinguish “in” voters from “out” voters? Our survey finds that those who would vote to remain in the EU are more likely to have close friends or relatives living in Europe. Those with these connections would vote by almost two-to-one in favour of continued EU membership. Those without them would vote narrowly for withdrawal.”

The strongest pro-European groups are Scottish voters, Londoners, the middle classes and those under 30—along with Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters. Opponents tend to be older and more working class as well as Conservatives or, overwhelmingly, Ukip supporters—the only surprise there is that 4 per cent of Ukip supporters say they would vote to stay in the EU.”

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1 Response to Two-to-One in Favour of Continued EU Membership!

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    TOTAL RUBBISH . There is no formal legislation voted for and passed at Westminster for a UK referendum re EU . I as a disenfranchised UK citizen am not concerned with the prospect of a UK referendum ( if it took place ) because I AM A EUROPEAN CITIZEN and believe that the EU would find it difficult to administer a WITHDRAWEL OF MY EU CITIZENSHIP . The Political Energy of Westminster that is expended on this type of issue is simply a SMOKESCREAN to hide from the FACT that the UK needs a NEW FORM OF GOVERNMENT THAT IS FIT FOR PURPOSE . Sadly historicaly Westminster has during 300 years shown itself to be lacking in its ability to Act on behalf of UK / Commonwealth Citizens untill there has been civil / uncivil ‘ unrest’ . . .

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