Harry Shindler Endorses Electoral Commission’s Overseas Voter Registration Campaign

Veteran, overseas-voting-rights campaigner Harry Shindler fully supports and endorses The Electoral Commission’s campaign , encouraging all British citizens now living in the other 27 EU member state countries to register and vote in next month’s European Parliament Elections:
 “We British expat citizens, more than any other British citizens, must be sure to vote in the forthcoming European Parliament elections. We also, more than any other British citizens are concerned about the future of the European Union. Have you considered our situation if there is a vote to leave Europe!? Let´s all vote in our thousands and remind the UK government that we exist and and are determined to win back our right to vote in the UK.”
 “Never tire, never weary WE SHALL WIN OUR VOTE!”
Harry Shindler MBE
Porto d´Ascoli
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3 Responses to Harry Shindler Endorses Electoral Commission’s Overseas Voter Registration Campaign

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  3. Michael Cushing says:

    See all my other blog replies re UK democracy , representation of the people . Harry has followed the democratic line to the problem that a democratic government exiles its citizens by disenfranchisement . The new ( for me ) “UK Suprime Court ( where else but in London ??? ) cannot make judgements on this matter as it is not within its jurisdiction to ORDER / ADVISE Westminster Establishment of Acts passed by the UK Gov. Historically UK Gov permitted overseas UK Citizens FOR THE FIRST TIME Representation of the Peoples Acts 1985 all 4 UK jurisdictions, debating and voting to increase the period to 20 years RoP Acts 1989 . The Political Parties , Elections, Referendums Act 2000 Miscelaneous page 141 ” ammend 20 years to 15 years IN MY BOOK IS NOT THE LAWFULL INSTRUMENT for the Electoral Commission to instruct Electoral Registrars to REFUSE my application to register to vote ( overseas ) at my last UK Electoral Registration Office in 2011 ( being 19 years overseas ) I cannot align the notion of Democracy / Democratic UK Gov. that UK citizens ( ie Westminster MPs ) HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXCLUDE UK CITIZENS from representation !!! this being the case in year 2000 PPER Act Reducing the period for overseas UK Citizens the RIGHT TO REPRESENTATION . The ECHR ( Euopean Court ) has no jurisdiction on this type of issue as a Democratically Elected Gov . passes democratic ACTS !!!???*** .

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