Too Few British Expatriates Register to Vote!

There is an assertion that some British citizens should not vote in the UK because as non-residents they do not contribute and do not have to live with the consequences. Too few British expatriates actually register to vote to challenge this prejudice or catch the attention of the political parties when it comes to an election.

However, allowing only those Scots living in Scotland to vote in the upcoming referendum on their independence, makes a mockery of this for some Scots living over the border in England and elsewhere, as a recent correspondent to this blog comments below:

James Speirs 

“As a proud Scot, and Brit, I find it quite ridiculous that someone can decide whether I can vote in the elections of my country just because I am not living there at the moment. In today’s market you have to follow the jobs (or sit on the dole I suppose) and that often means travelling out of the country to work. I still have savings, a pension, and a house in the UK (which I pay council tax on each month!) so why shouldn’t I have a say how it will be managed and by whom? I was born in the UK, have a valid UK passport, lived there for 40 years – worked from leaving college full time paying large amounts of tax…yet some Eastern European guy who has never paid a penny in tax arrives in UK for 6 months or a year to become a resident – and he gets to vote. Something is wrong with this scenario….”

Current electoral law in the UK recognises the right to vote for all British citizens of voting age who have lived outside the UK for less than 15 years. Make sure you value this right by registering as an overseas voter via the Electoral Commission website

Increasing from the current 20,000/30,000 on the Electoral Roll to 100,000 registered overseas voters would be considered a significant constituency size and worth more political attention.

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2 Responses to Too Few British Expatriates Register to Vote!

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  2. Michael Cushing says:

    See my many blogs on UK voting rights / Scots referendum . i am exiled by the democratic gouv. Westminster as i qualify to apply for UK overseas registration at Perth except for the Political Parties, Elections, Referendums Act 2000 – all UK jurisdictions which states page 141 Miscellaneous Amend 20 years to 15 years . I applied and was refused to register by the Electoral Commission using this Act when the relevent Act is Representation of the Peoples Act 1985 ( for first time ever Overseas Registration 5 years ) amended by ROP Act 1989 ( overseas Registration amended to 20 years ) The PP, E, Ref. Act 2000 was an Act that was discussed and Voted on by Westminster 2 houses ,- to legislate the conduct ( money , timing etc ) of Political Parties on the run up to an election ,Elections ( calling election procedures etc) , Referendums – oh dear we’ve just realised that with the ‘new assemblies’ Wales Scotland N. Ireland that Mr Blair introduced to diffuse the N. Ireland problem we Westminster might have given power for Scotland to have a Referendum and what will happen to N. Sea oil revenues ?? thats why james Spiers finds he is excluded from the 2014 Referendum . Its ” called democracy !!,,?? I believe Westminster efforts to negate Assembly / Parlaments whenever it gets cold feet will result in the complete breakup of UK . Why have so many elements of UK and Commonwealth wanted and succeeded in gaining independence over the 20 th Century from Westminster ?? Rome finally failed and UK will follow UNLESS Westminster addresses the most obvious questions per above .

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