Expatriate voters could make the difference in marginal constituencies

Find out more about the marginal seats which could decide the 2015 General Election in the UK by browsing the interactive BBC News link below. One of them could be the constituency in which you last voted before you became an expatriate.

You can still register as an overseas voter where you last lived in the UK and vote to make a difference, that is if not already disqualified by the 15-year-rule. Go to the Electoral Commission website http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/ and insert the post code of where you were last resident in the UK to find out how to register and vote from abroad.

BBC News: The seats which could decide the next election.

If you are already disenfranchised by the 15-year-rule and can no longer  register to vote in the UK, we would still appreciate you adding your vote here in support of our campaign to remove this arbitrary limit on our democratic rights.


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1 Response to Expatriate voters could make the difference in marginal constituencies

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    see my other blogs, why discuss and prioritise ones thoughts, re UK CITIZEN VOTING RIGHTS BY IGNORING ALL UK CITIZENS – imagine another Ulster- Westminster IGNORED THE LACK OF ONE MAN ONE VOTE!!!!! It was this fundamentel basic democratic right that became the final nail in the coffin at that terrible period of Westminster Evolution . So its quite simple ALL UK Citizens have a right to representation ( loss of these rights = loss of identity ) Due to the Westminster Establishment having historicaly looked after itself ( over at least 300 years as UK ) with total disregard to this basic democratic right it provided for ALL UK Citizens a right of representation in the Representation of the Peoples Act 1985 ALL 4 Jurisdictions but with a 5 year condition re overseas Citizens . RoP Act 1989 extended the condition to 20 years . Obviously Westminster thought it was progressing democratically . Then the DEVIOUS WESTMINSTER ESTABLISHMENT created the Political Parties, Elections, Referendums Act 2000 All Jurisdictions – Under miscelanious page 140 ” change 20 years to 15 years THATS IT . As this Act has no relevence to Representation of the Peoples Acts which provides the protocol for the Electoral Commision ( a Crown Office ?? ) to enable UK citizens to apply to register to representation I concider that my application for the right to register was refused by said Electoral Commission in 2011 Under ‘ 15 year rule’ was illegal . I implore all UK citizens to apply for registration in or out of 15 year / 20 year rule like myself . This reply to the blog is in UK terms questioning the right of the same above proceedures excluding Scots Citizens from the right to vote in 2014 Independence Scotland referendum,and the UK Citizens ( + EU Citizens IN UK ) from the proposed UK EU Referendum ! .

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