Nick Clegg Defends the Importance of Voting (but not for British Expats)

Nick Clegg who thinks British expats should not be allowed to vote after 15 years abroad, is also defending the importance of voting in this article in The Telegraph Nick Clegg tells Paxman to stop ‘sneering’ and vote.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has attacked Jeremy Paxman for not voting, saying on LBC radio’s Call Clegg slot:

“Of course you should vote”

He added that Mr Paxman should know that “politics is  important” accusing the Newsnight presenter of “abdicating responsibility” by not bothering to vote.

“It is the way that we decide how you pay your taxes how we support our hospitals our schools where we go to war or not how we deal with climate change and of course it’s sometimes unedifying.”

Expatriate British citizens are also concerned by these issues including the many who continue to pay British taxes, own property in the UK, have close family ties in the UK, are impacted by climate change, a referendum on EU membership….. or are just responsible citizens who feel it their civic duty to continue to vote, even after 15 years abroad.

As a responsible British citizen make sure that you are still registered to vote via the Electoral Commission website:

You can also demonstrate your support here  for our campaign to remove the 15-year-limit on British expatriate voting rights.

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2 Responses to Nick Clegg Defends the Importance of Voting (but not for British Expats)

  1. Norman Walker says:

    Anyone who is considered “UK-domiciled” for tax purposes should be considered “UK-domiciled” for voting purposes. No taxation without representation.

  2. Michael Cushing says:

    like all my blogs EHRC / UN definition of Nationality is right to representatoion loss of which = disenfranchisement = loss of IDENTITY = EXILE . As a basic Democratic right the Democratic Representation of the People disenfranchisement = The UK establishment IS NOT A DEMOCRACY !!!

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