British Expats also Contribute to the UK Economy

Despite what some politicians might suggest in denying them the vote, many British expats not only contribute to the UK economy via the taxes they continue to pay on eg their public sector pensions or the local council tax, energy, water, communications and other bills on any property they still own, but also through the exports they develop when working for British companies abroad.

As this article in the Expat Telegraph also reveals, some British companies are even expanding their export sales business by targetting this worldwide British diaspora with “Even more ways to buy British food abroad“! 

Such shallow political objections to the rights of British expats to continue to have voting rights back in the UK by suggesting such British citizens have severed all their links to the UK , also tend to overlook their previous contributions to the British economy before they moved abroad.

Furthermore, and particularly in today’s inter-connected, global economy, British expats should have the right to continue to vote in Westminster elections as they are not immune from all political decisions taken back in the UK, with the proposed referendum on continuing EU membership a very pertinent example impacting those currently resident within other EU member states.

If you are a concerned British expat still able to vote in UK elections (after less than 15 years abroad), add to the power of the expat vote by making sure that you are still registered to vote in your last UK constituency of residence eg via the  Electoral Commission website .

If you are excluded from voting by the current 15-year-rule, you can still try and make your voice heard by adding your vote here in support in our on-line poll.

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1 Response to British Expats also Contribute to the UK Economy

  1. Michael Cushing says:

    See my other blogs on . I applied to vote at my last Electoral Registrar Office knowing that I would be refused Under the Political Parties Act 2000 15 year rule . As the pertinent Act for me is the Representation of the Peoples Act Scotland 1989 ( 20 year rule like all other UK jurisdictions ) I countered the refusal and have the Electoral Commision / Registrars full explination . I believe the Parliamentary procedure is legally defective re Political Parties 2000 Act ( all UK jurisdictions ) modifying a totaly different ACT – why give a name to these ACTS if you can juggle the meaning of the name of an ACT?? . I THINK THAT ALL DISENFRANCHISED UK CITIZENS SHOULD APPLY TO VOTE – at least you have the Electoral Registrars refusal and note that this is a CROWN OFFICE !!

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