British Expats Also Responsible Members of Society

Chloe Smith, the Cabinet Office Minister for Political & Constitutional Reform, quoted in the article below on initial checks of Individual Electoral Registration, said:

If you aren’t on the [electoral] register, you can’t vote, simple as that – but it’s also an important part of being a member of society. For example, it could have an impact on your credit rating and your application for a mobile phone contract. We all share responsibility to encourage everyone entitled to vote to get registered to do so.”

We would also encourage British citizens as responsible members of society who have lived abroad for less than 15 years and are, therefore, still entitled to vote, to ensure that they are registered to vote in their last UK constituency of residence by checking via the Electoral Commission website

For those of you who are no less responsible members of society but who cannot register due to being disenfranchised by the 15-year-rule, we would appreciate you adding your vote here in support of removing this limitation on your voting rights as responsible British members  of society.

You can read more about this 15-year-rule  here.

Electoral roll checks in run up to individual registration

Many British citizens living overseas might also consider it their civic duty as members of society to register to vote but the current electoral law states that they are not entitled to vote after 15 y.


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