Send Your Evidence to All-Party Inquiry on Overseas Voting.

Two more meetings of the All- Party Inquiry are scheduled 27th June and on July 3rd at 3.30 p.m.
[Committee Room 4 – Palace of Westminster]


Attendance at the meeting may be possible for representatives of interested groups. Written evidence is also possible. To enable either, one should contact the Committee organiser, Mr Jonathan Blades at Westminster,

It is very desirable that ‘evidence’ –

That is to say a – Statement of one’s views on this matter –  is received by Mr. Blades so that it can be copied to, received by and read by the members of the Committee  before any meeting.

Particularly, if you are resident in a country other than France or Spain , it would be an exceedingly helpful gesture on your part.  Particularly  it would help to have ‘evidence’ sent from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Cyprus, Portugal, Poland and (of course) any other European country.  Also from Singapore , Thailand , Australia , Canada , United States , Vietnam , Philippines , Hong Kong ( China ), Japan and  Malaysia. We have contacts in all these places but cannot be sure that anyone has written from them.  If  residents in other countries can be contacted – please help. Do not assume that others will write and send  on your behalf.

Of course if you do live in Spain , France , Switzerland –even Britain- please do not feel inhibited! We really need to be sure of world-wide coverage.

If we do not have this support then the campaign could fail.

To give you some guidance – You perhaps should give..

Your Name, Age, A brief notion of your present or past activity in life and your country of residence.

Reasons why you want  representation – i.e. the vote.

And if you do not use the vote – the reasons why.

The ‘evidence’ does not need to be written in any formal manner.  You need to express yourself  simply and to the point.  Brevity is best.

The most brief of messages is ‘I want the Vote for Life’.  But obviously TOO brief.

It would help if you could tell us if you send such a “Statement of Evidence” (we do not need the document!)

Brian Cave [] or Graham Richards [] .


Below is a condensed report of the of the first meeting distributed in last message sent out.

The first meeting of this parliamentary group was held on June 19th at Westminster.

Professor Lord Norton of Louth was in the chair.  Committee members were invited from the three main parties 

Heather Harper [Chairman of Conservatives Abroad] reported back. She was the only person to give evidence in person.


Heather observed that she had lived for 14 years overseas and she said that she was concerned for the rights of ALL British expatriates, from ending the 15 year rule to procedures for registration.  She also made plea for an on-line public awareness campaign to reach the 5.5 million British expatriates living worldwide.


I added a comment — Overseas Citizens have lives similar to those of on-shore residents. The economic and social organisations of Britain are important to all. To greater or lesser degree we all are dependent on, or otherwise concerned about, Britain

Heather also touched on  The European Referendum.

Brian Cave

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