Liberal Democrats Call for Expat Brit Voting Rights

The Brussels & Europe Liberal Democrats have called  for the vote to be given back to all British citizens living abroad.

[This complements the efforts of Lord Lexden who has already secured political support for an all-party inquiry on overseas voting rights and Harry Shindler is appealing against his recent setback at the European Court of Human Rights. ]

 “The main argument for the 15 year rule – that people’s links with the UK diminish over time – is simply no longer valid in today’s hyper-connected world. These days it’s as easy to stay in touch and engaged in politics whether you live on the Costa del Sol or in the Cotswolds.”

“Our own branch is a good example: we form a local party, attend party conference as delegates, take part in policy debates and stand as candidates for election, despite residing overseas. Why should we be denied the right to vote in general elections?”

You don’t have to be a political activist but as a concerned British citizen wishing to exercise your normal democratic right to vote,  we would much appreciate you demonstrating your support for repeal of the 15-year-rule by adding your vote here in our on-line poll.

If you are such a concerned British citizen resident abroad but for less than 15 years, you do not need to be an active member of any British political party but you can also demonstrate to these parties the  expat voting potential by registering to vote via the Electoral Commission website

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