European Citizens’ Initiative – Let Me Vote!

Imagine being a law-abiding EU citizen, living in the EU, and having no right to vote for the government whose decisions will impact on your daily life.

European Citizens’ Initiative:
Let me vote

Subject matter: To strengthen the rights listed in article 20§2 TFEU by granting EU citizens residing in another Member State the right to vote in all political elections in their country of residence, on the same conditions as the nationals of that State.

Main objectives: The goal of the initiative is to develop the political dimension of the European project by reinforcing citizens’ awareness that they share a common destiny. It would have the following effects: – To enhance the concept of European Citizenship; – To facilitate freedom of movement within the EU; In addition, it could contribute to remedying the loss of voting rights presently experienced by a significant number of EU citizens who are long-term residents of other Member States.

Imagine being a British citizen and a long-term resident of another EU Member State but without the right to vote in a UK referendum on continuing membership of the EU, or the right to vote nationally in your country of residence.

The above initiative at the European level, can only add weight to our campaign , to remove the current 15-year-limit on the UK national voting rights of British citizens resident abroad, and not just within the European Union but worldwide.

We would also appreciate you adding your vote here in our on-line poll in support of our campaign to remove this democratic deficit in our voting rights as British citizens.

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1 Response to European Citizens’ Initiative – Let Me Vote!

  1. Perhaps the recent and possible future success of UKIP may give HMG the opportunity to consider? If there are even a million of us beyond the 15 year threshold, likely to be directly affected, perhaps it may give HMG AND the Opposition some food for thought!

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