Democratic Rights of British Citizens living in Cyprus?

There are 60,000 British expatriates, the majority retired and living in Cyprus, who have no British government protesting on their behalf as the government of Cyprus is forced by the troika of the EU, ECB and IMF,  to heavily tax their local deposits of €100,000 and above as part of the country’s bail-out terms.

Once this current eurozone financial crisis broke out, the British government immediately put the minds of British servicemen and civil servants at rest in Cyprus by confirming that their savings would be protected. In contrast the Russian government immediately protested on behalf of all its citizens with large deposits in local Cypriot banks. There is also some anecdotal evidence that such an important financial supporter of the Cypriot government might have been tipped off in advance.

Following the 23rd January high profile speech by Prime Minister David Cameron on Europe, the British government might at least have used this Cypriot crisis as a concrete example to demonstrate the “lack of democratic accountability and consent (within the EU) that is – yes – felt particularly acutely in Britain” and one reason for the promised British referendum on continuing EU membership.

Isn’t this a good reason to add your vote to this HMGovernment e-petition on parliamentary representation for British expatriates as well as adding                 your support here in our on-line poll to repeal the current 15-year-limit on our voting rights, particularly in the light of a referendum on EU membership?

Can banks take your savings now?

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