Need to Change Political Attitudes to Overseas Voters.

Lord Lipsey in his BBC Radio 4 debate with Brian Cave came across as absolutely rigid in his opposition to UK voting rights for British Citizens resident overseas. This doesn’t seem so surprising now when reading the review of his autobiography in The Economist July 21st, 2012:In the Corridors of Power – An Autobiography. By David Lipsey.

This suggests  a certain inflexibiliity and resistance to change and is perhaps one reason for him disarmingly admitting in his autobiography that his own work on voting reform “must rank the greatest failure among a number of failures in my political life”.

Although Lord Lipsey has been at or near the political coalface since the early 1970s, he says that his ideas have remained broadly constant while the political landscape has changed dramatically”……. “without having changed my mind much on much”, over three decades or more.

It could be added that the global economy in which the UK operates today and the corresponding environment in which government policy is made has also changed dramatically over the last three or more decades as well.

This particularly applies to the case of the British citizen overseas, with modern communications and the internet blurring the traditional definition of an expatriate, the latter well able to remain informed on and concerned by developments in his or her country of birth, even after more than 15 years abroad.

Over the past three decades to again quote The Economist’s review… ”political parties have become less ideological. Politics these days is about what works”. In the same way the British citizen resident overseas cannot be categorized as of predominantly any particular political persuasion and is no more “cut off (from the new professional political class) than the people who send its members to Westminster”.

If you agree, we would appreciate you adding your vote here in support of  the removal of the 15-year-limit on our national voting rights.

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3 Responses to Need to Change Political Attitudes to Overseas Voters.

  1. Marta Rubió says:

    Dear votes-for-expat-brits team,
    I am with the Web Research department at InterNations is an online social network designed for expatriates worldwide. Our mission is to support expatriates with the integration into their new communities. Our members can connect via our activity and discussion groups as well as forums. The interaction is not limited to the Internet: we also encourage our members to meet up at our InterNations Events, which are held in nearly all our Local Communities around the world.
    I am writing to inquire on the prospect of publishing an article on Your readers are are quite handy for us due to we focus on British expats and also because we are interested in the issue you address. We are looking into placing editorial content into your site (including 1 or 2 links to our guide section), is this something you might be interested in? We could also help promoting your site on our platform.
    I would really appreciate if you send me your answer, even though it is a negative one!
    Kind regards,

    • right2vote4xpatbrits says:

      Thanks for your expression of interest, Marta. I can confirm that reciprocal links aimed at generating expat traffic (particularly British in our case) on both our sites could be also of interest to us, depending of course upon the content/suitability of the promotional item you might wish us to post on the votes-for-expat-brits blog.
      Send us an example of what you propose.
      Kind regards,

  2. Ray Fletton says:

    I had an exchange of e-mails with this person. He will not allow facts to get in the way of his argument. The man is a complete eejit!

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