Exporting for Britain could lose you the vote!

If you work abroad and stay too long helping the British economy to grow through important export contracts, you could also lose your national right to vote if you spend more than 15 years overseas, and are not in government service or in the military.  

Read below MP Heather Wheeler’s intervention on behalf of her own constituents, during the 27th June  debate on the new Electoral Registration & Administration Bill.              


Heather Wheeler (South Derbyshire) (Con):
“A number of Members have major overseas firms based in their constituencies—I have Toyota, Rolls-Royce and Bombardier—and have constituents who go and work abroad for these firms for many years. It is outrageous that they might be working for firms based in our constituencies and not have a vote. What does my hon. Friend think about that?”

If you agree that you should not lose your national rights as a British citizen just because you are non-resident in the UK, we would welcome your vote here in support of removal of the 15 year limit on the voting rights of British citizens overseas.


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