Lack of government respect makes some Expat Brits disaffected, angry and fed up!

“Expats are disaffected, angry and fed up”, says Brian Cave

Submitted by expatsradio on Tue, 13/03/2012 – 11:21

Expats disaffected, angry and fed up! Expatsradio spoke to Brian Cave about the value that the UK government puts on expats. These are some of his discussion points: The majority of Britons Abroad seem to be  disillusioned with the British Government – disaffected – bored- angry – fed up! How is it that the British Government can alienate the Briton Abroad like this?  Most Britons Abroad have a deep love of British culture, yet deplore the Government. So  whilst the Briton Abroad acts as an ambassador for the British way of Life, the British Government turns its back on the expatriate – almost forcing them to be EX-PATRIOTS.   It is an appalling situation. So one British citizen James Preston is giving up  in disbelief that the British Government can be so dismissive, and in anger and despair intends to renounce his British Citizenship.

It seems to me that one should explore the  two-way relationship of a citizen with his Government.

Historically the Briton is subconsciously perceived as a subject  by the government.  The French perceive the citizen as a indeed un-citoyen. The Briton Abroad is perceived by Government as someone  who does his duty!   The responsibilities of the government to support the citizen are sometimes hardly apparent. The French Government respects their citizens.  The citizen has a dialogue with  the Government and the Government listens to him.

The British Government looks suspiciously on the British citizen abroad.  The citizen abroad has no voice in Government.  His needs are ignored. For example – The EU discusses matters of great significance to the British expatriate in Europe  and  are we in any way consulted?  No – because no channel of communication exists! A Citizen Abroad is a citizen Ignored.

So not only one asks – What can the the Expatriate do for Britain, but also what can the British Government do for the Expatriate.  That support is seriously lacking.

If you would like to get involved in the discussion, you can go to Brian Cave’s blog at: To contact Expatsradio please mail us at

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