The Outcast and Voteless British citizens in Europe.

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In his latest essay  What is Europe?  (click on for the complete article), Brian Cave
of Pensioners Debout! argues that in the ever widening network of Europe the links to
the citizen of any Nation State should be maintained.
Each Nation State has a duty to represent its citizens in all the other States
of the network and each citizen should be represented in his own Nation State.
It is the citizens who are the nerve pulses of this network of nations or ‘Association’.
But one’s experience tells us that the British State adopts a ‘fortress’ Britain  attitude
and has no interest in this neural network through the Association. None of the British
political parties expresses any true interest in the citizen in Europe.The political elite of
Britain alone in Europe among the larger nations, treats its European diaspora as
self-imposed outcasts, rather than as witnesses to British culture and ambassadors of
the nation.                                                     
Yet at the level of human contact, the interplay between individuals cements and enhances Europe.
We who live in Europe know this to be a self-evident truth.
Brian Cave – originator of Pensioners Debout! ©
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2 Responses to The Outcast and Voteless British citizens in Europe.

  1. Clare.spencer says:

    Only just heard of Pensioners debout and ESCEU How do l join ?

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