Electoral Register

Government plans to clean up the electoral register would require each individual to sign up, ending the system where one person can register their household.
Research by the independent Electoral Commission found most of those who will become ineligible to vote are likely to be predominantly poor, young or black.
Presumably the government’s plans are aimed at trying to cut down on fraudulent voting.
It’s interesting that as a British expat with no right to vote in the UK after 15 years abroad , I at least have a valid passport from HMG which, in the absence of ID cards in the UK, should otherwise be sufficient to identify me as a valid voter!
If you are a British expat similarly deprived of your  right to vote, find out more and add your vote on our Voting Rights website.

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2 Responses to Electoral Register

  1. Steve, Thailand says:

    It is highly unlikely re-enfranchisement will happen anytime soon, as expats are probably viewed as a a spoke in the works by both sides of the BREXIT argument. Neither side wants us messing up their miscalculations.

    • right2vote4xpatbrits says:

      You are right as re-enfranchisement will require the support of both the Conservative and Labour parties, a shadow minister for the latter also being quoted as being against it for overseas voters because of the extra administration involved!

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